It is a good life we lead. The best. May it never change.

Xyri/Nerni. 22, she/her pronouns, biromantic asexual. Shy extrovert. It sucks.

Star Trek. Marvel. DC. Leonard McCoy. Lately, 90% Winter Soldier.

My fics. I write them sometimes. You can also find them on my AO3~

If you think Nyota Uhura is a nagging/angry/bad/unsuited/(insert misogynistic or racist term here) girlfriend you will probably not like my blog.

I'm also really enthusiastic about fandom analysis, which includes fandom-related things as well as fandom itself and its role in consumption and interpretation of media, since I feel like fandom is a very important part of audiences. To clarify, that means that you will see critical analysis on this blog between the crying about fictional characters. Not all of that is going to be positive criticism, even about things I do like, though it's all constructive. As such, not a Moffat-friendly blog.

So hi! Feel free to chat, send me an ask, whatever. Just don't talk to me about the Kirk parents or I will cry.

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